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  • Paddle Park/Contact Tow

    The Paddle Park – Contact Tow is a useful way to secure paddles during rescue situations, provide a fully adjustable instant towing system and a dependable method of pulling two kayaks together during a rafted tow. This is combined with twin “fail safe” methods of release and ease of attachment & removal to any kayak fitted with […]

  • Ouch Pouch

    The “Ouch Pouch” has been developed as the first line of support in the event of a major bleed or breathing difficulties? Small enough to keep in your buoyancy aid pocket, it’s main contents are a “TRAMA FIX” high absorbency bandage and a pocket face mask, as well as a pair of nitrile gloves, half […]

  • TRANGIA 25 Adaptor Ring

      This simple, yet ingenious device allows you to use the two small (1 litre) pans from the TRANGIA 27 stove making the TRANGIA 25 cooking system even more comprehensive than it already is! Combine this with the small 0.6-litre kettle and the large 4.5-litre billy and you have one of the most compact & […]

  • Sea Kayak Tow Line

      “Clean Line – Easy Stow” Sea Kayak Tow Line Developed over many years and in conjunction with some of the UK’s leading BCU level 5 Sea Coaches, the “Clean Line” Sea Kayak Tow is unique in that the rope-tape-elastic joints are sewn together. The joints are then sealed with flexible heat shrink tubing which […]

  • Sea Kayak Navigation Aid

      The Sea Kayak Navigation Aid (pronounced “SCANA”) has been designed to bridge the gap between professional “Chart Table” navigational instruments such as the Bretton Plotter & Dividers