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  • Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown Volume 2

      Filmed exclusively in one of the finest sea kayak destinations in the world, St Kilda, the stunning back drop takes the content of Volume one and “ups it” by a gear! Looking at the skills and techniques needed for remote environments, this DVD covers it all.

  • Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown Volume 1

      This is the first in what is now a series of 3 excellent Sea Kayak specific DVD’s. Filmed on location on the Isle of Skye, the content not only looks at technique but also at planning for an extended journey in our home waters. A must have item!

  • Expedition Skills DVD By Nige Robinson & Olly Sanders

      Available Now! Expedition Skills by Nige Robinson & Olly Sanders in DVD format

  • Andy Stamp’s CD “The Sea Kayaker’s Companion”

        This CD is the most authoritive piece of work that has been written on the topic of kayak and small craft navigation for years! It is a must for sea paddlers and yachtsmen alike and complements Franco Ferrero’s book “SEA KAYAK NAVIGATION” (ISBN 978-1-906095-03-1) perfectly.


For Immediate Download:


A Practical Guide to Sea Kayaking

Written in the early eighties “A Practical Guide to Sea Kayaking” by Howard Jeffs was seen as the authorative narrative on the subject, and to date, there is still no publication that matches this depth of knowledge!

Although out of print for some years, there has always been a steady demand for the publication. To this end the text has now been transferred on to a convenient downloadable PDF format.

It is available to buy now for immediate download in PDF format at just £4.99