Bespoke sea kayaks and small craft – unique designs, repairs and modifications

From simple repairs to small craft and/or kayaks, on or off site, to full design, pattern making and mould production I have over 40 years’ experience. I also specialise in all aspects of sea kayak repair and modification, from a simple deck recess replacement to a complete take apart/bolt together bulkhead system.

If you have a project on which you could use some help then let me know.

If your club fleet is looking like it needs a bit of tlc then send me an email and we can sort something out. I can work on your club boats while teaching your maintenance team how to do it themselves! I can also carry out a full ‘fit for purpose’ audit on the fleet and associated kit, ahead of any repair work.

Sea Kayak for Extreme Conditions In 1989 I designed and produced the ALEUT Sea 2 double expedition sea kayak, to date the only sea kayak to have been paddled around the most northern (Taymyr Peninsula, Russia) and southern (Cape Horn) land masses of the world. It is still rated as the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of serious expedition double sea kayaks. It is now manufactured by Valley Canoe Products.

Pulk and Paddle – The Unique Quajaq for Polar Adventures

I designed, and jointly developed with Jim McNeil of Ice Warrior Expeditions, the revolutionary Qajaq. The Qajaq is basically a pulk (sledge) which can also be paddled. Due to Global Warming and the ice cap melting, spaces of open water between sheets of ice known as “leads” are opening up. A craft capable of being hauled by a human but also propelled by hand opens up new potential for polar exploration. The Qajaq is currently being tested and will be used in a British Arctic expedition in the near future.