With a passion for boats from an early age, my introduction to GRP took place at the height of the fibreglass revolution of the 70’s, building my first complete kayak in 1975. During the following ten years I built many small craft, kayaks & canoes, regularly writing them off on previously un-paddled white water rivers!

In 1987 I started “Pure Perfection Custom”. Based on Anglesey, North Wales, I specialised in custom made wave skis, surfboards & sailboards. In 1989 I designed and produced the ALEUT Sea 2 double expedition sea kayak, the only sea kayak to have been paddled around the most northern (Taymyr Peninsula, Russia) and southern (Cape Horne) land masses of the world. It is still rated as the “Rolls-Royce” of serious expedition double sea kayaks. It is now manufactured by Valley Canoe Products (hyperlink).

In 1989 I designed the YNYS (Welsh for Island). This was a development from the “Lindisfarne” sea kayak, originally produced in the north east of the UK. The YNYS was the forerunner of the shorter high performance sea kayaks which we now see today. A Mk 2 version was developed, however sadly it never went into production.

From 1990 to 1995 I worked for Valley Canoe Products (Hyperlink), in particular developing the first roto-moulded sea kayak, the SKERRAY RM which had welded in bulkheads and hatches. I have also undertaken development work for The P & H Company (Hyperlink) and a number of other major kayaking companies in this country and abroad.

In particular, during late 2005, I was involved in “Island Kayaks” based in Sri Lanka who produced the Expedition, Quarsut and the prototype Storm Petrel range of sea kayaks. Sadly, due to manufacturing problems, production has now ceased. Nevertheless all is not lost; the range is now under a full review! The excellent hull designs are to be retained and modified very slightly with a new simple skeg design fitted. However the deck and cockpit is to undergo a major refit and development, watch this space for more information!

The summer of 2005 presented me with the opportunity to purchase a one design catamaran DREAMCAT 585 . This 20ft, high volume, open decked multihull is fast and has huge potential! The following year, I purchased the moulds and building rites.

During the winter of 1997 I designed and jointly developed with Jim McNeil of Ice Warrior Expeditions (Hyperlink), the revolutionary QAJAQ . The QAJAQ is basically a pulk (sledge) which can also be paddled. Due to Global Warming and the ice cap melting, the spaces of open water between sheets of ice known as “leads” are opening up. A craft capable of being hauled by a human but also propelled by hand also by a human is what is needed. A prototype has been produced and two trial QAJAQ’s have been manufactured by PRODRIVE (Hyperlink), however as far as I am aware; they have yet to be trialled in the Artic.

Recently refurbished is an 18ft GRP traditional day boat, an Explorer 2. This boat was left for dead and in a very sad condition! She has been fully stripped down and restored to her former glory!

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