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Predator Trimaran

The concept of using the two hulls from a dinghy size catamaran as outriggers for a Trimaran is not a new concept. “Tough T” used Tornado hulls, both sailing extensively on the south coast and further afield! In this case, I have used the two hulls off a Tornado as outriggers and the center hull from a DREAMCAT 585, which had the original molded in stub keel removed. To balance the boat in length as well as buoyancy, the rear of the Tornado hulls have been champher off. The bow has been reinforced with KEVLAR, two large eyebolts added/glassed in and the deck is now bonded into place. The two Tornado hulls have additional bulkheads and hatches bonded in as the boat was used for cruising beforehand The high volume DREAMCAT 585 hull has sufficient space within the hulls for two persons to sleep comfortably. The addition of a small cuddly/cabin would make this a very comfortable extended cruising boat. However it could be left as it is and used as a day boat. The boat comes complete with a full Tornado complement of equipment including an additional reduced size main with additional reefing points added, and an Asymmetric spinnaker & pole. A new full length HARKEN track & traveller for the mainsheet is also included (worth £400+!) The original heavy duty (bit rusty) launching trolley is also included in the sale but would need modifying to take the center hull. A long shaft HONDA 2.3 engine is also available at an additional cost of £150.

What is needed to get her back on the water? A crossbeam system will need to be created. This could be the folding type using the existing beams cut in half, or new tube sections fixed in? The original trampoline could be cut in half and an additional length of track is supplied to fasten this to the main hull. The centerboards and rudders are supplied, however a large rudder will be needed for the main hull.

Trailer In addition to the Trimaran sale, is a fully galvanized flat bed trailer (non-braked) which has an extendable draw bar and mast support. This was used to transport the Tornado, but would now need modifying to take the center hull as well. This is available at an additional cost of £250 (price not negotiable). For further information, pictures, full inventory, email Howard Jeffs at

Price £1,000 o.n.o.

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Production Mould for REYNARD CRUISER TURBO Open Canoe

Originally from the USA, the REYNARD CRUISER was 17ft 4in long, 35 inches wide, and was manufactured in GRP by Mobile Adventure during the mid to late 80’s. An ideal expedition or family boat, it is fast, stable and a delight to paddle. In the mid 90’s the “galleon style stern” was added (by Valley Canoe) to allow the attachment of an outboard motor. This not only retained the fast hull shape at the waterline, but also provided greater room in the rear half of the boat. After extensive use in a sailing form (something it does very well) the hull shear line was raised about 100mm at the bow and 50mm at the stern, which incorporated a molded glass gunwale, this stiffened the boat considerably! Following this, a separate deck mouldings was made (by Howard Jeffs & Peter Scott) which incorporates a fore and rear deck, side decks, as well as a center thwart. Storage/buoyancy compartments can be incorporated under the fore & rear decks. The moldings consist of the original hull mold with a flange. The bolt on shear line molding, a full deck molding, as well as bulkhead templates. The molds have been left with a layer of wax on them but they have been stored outside and upside down, however I have not had a look at them for some time. They will no doubt need a good clean and re-wax before production There is also a master plug of the hull and gunwale in GRP onto which we made the deck plug. The deck section of the plug was made of wood, filler etc. so I expect it may have distorted by now. £500 o.n.o.

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Production Mould for DREAMCAT 5.85 Catamaran

This version of the DREAMCAT 585 is the low volume version of the hull, which is approximately 6 inches lower than the original. The stub keel has also been replaced with a center/dagger board, and a new deck moulded created. This version of the boat makes it an ideal boat for day cruising or for teaching multy hull sailing to larger numbers in a safer and more controlled environment. A number of these boats are used in sailing schools in the South West. The mouldings consist of the hull and deck, the two crossbeams and the centerboard system. The hulls would make ideal outriggers for a larger Trimaran hull. Price £500 o.n.o.

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Honda Fuel Tanks Genuine HONDA Marine 12 litre plastic fuel tanks 

Two new and never used, £25 each

One little used, £15

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Honda Outboard Motors Honda 2hp Long Shaft   £150 o.n.o.

Purchased from new approximately 12 years ago, this engine initially had regular summer use, however for the last 5 years it has not been used and stored indoors. Fully serviced annually and winterized when not in use, this engine has been 100% reliable, starts first time and runs “sweet as a nut”! Engine number LS BZBF 1027590


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 This foil has been specifically shaped for open Canoe sailing to give high lift at reduced speeds. Manufactured in G.R.P. and then foam filled, it is approximately 8 inches wide, 1 inch thick and 48 inches long and very stiff. It weighs 1.150 kg and due to the foam, floats! Other construction materials are available, to produce stiffer and lighter versions, but obviously at greater cost.  Cost £100 in GRP

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