Personal Skills Courses

Introduction to Sea Kayaking

This course is aimed at people with little or no kayaking experience or for those who would like to experience sea kayaking for the first time.

We will initially look at personal equipment and then move onto the kayak itself. Once kitted out we will head out onto the water. A short safety brief, some simple turning skills and a few tips on forward paddling then we are off. Cruising in and out of the rocks, taking in the wildlife, this is the only way to travel on the water, silent except for the splash of your paddle!

Over the weekend we will develop these skills further, and with a little theory thrown in to give you some background knowledge and keep you safe, you may even fancy having a try at a capsize, however tipping over is not compulsory!

The course will be based on a level similar to that of the British Canoeing, One & Two Star certificated awards (HYPERLINK to both), which could be undertaken as an addition to the Introduction course.

The course will usually be run in Pembrokeshire (HYPERLINK to Pembrokeshire tourist board site) and based in a simple hostel (HYPERLINK). However all home cooked food will be prepared for us, culminating in a very social evening meal and a glass of wine or two.

Progression/Improver Sea Kayaking Skills

This is not an introductory course, but will continue on from what you have learned during our “Introduction to Sea Kayaking” course, or your own previous skills. You need at least a couple of day’s previous paddling experience to attend this course, or have, or be at the BC One Star standard (HYPERLINK to both).

Building on your previous expertise we will spend both days undertaking a journey along the coastline, developing your technique and building your confidence. We will expand on some of the theoretical aspects of sea kayaking, in particular safety and planning and at the end of the day, encourage folk to have a try at some simple rescues, however this is not compulsory.

The course will be based on a level similar to that of the British Canoeing, Two & Three Star certificated awards (HYPERLINK to both), which could be undertaken as an addition to the Progression/Improver course.

Introduction to Sea Kayak Expedition Skills

Although a standalone course, these two days are specifically designed as a progression from our “Introduction to Sea Kayaking or Progression/Improver” course and/or for those folk wanting to participate in any of our Expedition trips. Over the years, our experience has shown that, for people relatively new to the activity, some instruction in packing kayaks, perhaps camping and using a stove for the first time will greatly increase your enjoyment and prepare you well for Expedition Sea Kayaking.

The course will be a balance of theory and practical. First we will look at the additional equipment you will be using, experiment with stoves, tents etc and how to pack efficiently. A practical session on boat trim and how it can affect your kayak’s performance then time to try and physically pack all this equipment into your kayak!

After some lunch, we then head out in our loaded kayaks to a sheltered campsite for the night, putting everything we have discussed into practice. After a hearty breakfast we will repack and continue our journey, possibly finishing the day by looking at some rescue and emergency skills.

The course will usually be run on Anglesey (HYPERLINK to Anglesey tourist board site) and based in a simple hostel (HYPERLINK) for the Friday night. All home cooked food will be prepared for us whilst in the hostel. You will then be supplied with a sample of our exceptional expedition food which we take on all our trips, no tins of beans or dried food here. Jointly we will prepare a meal for us all “fit for a king”, perhaps finishing with a sip of a classic malt.

Certification Courses

As a BCU level 5 Coach since 1983, there are not many areas of paddlesport I have not delivered in, however I do specialise in sea kayaking and surfing.


With nearly 40 years of running guided trips, in particular to the West Coast of Scotland, you will not find a more experienced provider!

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