Repairs & Modifications

Got a hole in your composite kayak, a split in your plastic sea kayak or need a ‘bang plate’ on your Royalex open canoe? There are not many GRP or polyethylene repairs I have backed away from, so look no further!

I am based centrally in the UK (Nottingham) and have been involved in the ‘Canoe Trade’ for many years, however regularly travel to various locations around the country, so can often collect or drop off repair craft? Send me a few pictures of the problem or modification you would like undertaken and we can then talk further.

Smash & Bash

Ever wanted to know how to fix your canoe & kayak, not only on the water or in the field, but also back at home?

The ‘Smash & Bash’ kayak repair workshop is a one-day, indoor, interactive session looking at all aspects of Canoe/Kayak production and repair. Although originally developed for sea kayakers, WW kayakers, open canoeists and small boat users will find it equally useful.

This course now also qualifies for 10 British Canoeing CPD points!